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Centre for Liver & Biliary Sciences ( CLBS ) Artemis Hospitals , Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR

India has become the leading destination for Liver Transplant for patients across the globe. The reason behind this is probably the combination of:

  • Skilled and well trained surgeons
  • Experienced consultants in all allied specialties
  • World class infrastructure in many private hospitals ( OTs, ICUs, Radiology etc )
  • Affordable cos

Also, India has played a pioneering role in the field of Live Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT) paralleled perhaps only by South Korea and Japan. Within India, the Delhi –Gurgaon region has been the favoured destination over the last 5 years. Besides surgical excellence, good international flight connectivity to Delhi-Gurgaon has been a major help.

Why Artemis Hospital ?

Many international patients feel lost when they reach a large corporate hospital in India. Having spent a large amount of their lifelong savings to travel to a foreign country for the biggest health problem of their life, they often do not received the personalized care and individual attention that they had been expecting. Much of their experience is all about waiting outside doctors’ rooms and queuing up for tests. Follow up visits are bigger nightmares where they often feel unwanted !

This sad plight of patients in large volume centres convinced DrSubash Gupta and DrRamdip Ray that Artemis Hospital was one place where this issue could be sorted out for Liver Transplant patients. With 370 in hospital beds , this was the hospital where the right size combined with the right infrastructure.

We do transplants for all the usual indications ( Hepatitis C / B, Alcoholic liver disease, Hepatocellular Cancer, AutoimmneHeptitis , Wilson’s disease, Biliary atresia etc ) , both for adults and children. Our overall success rate is around 85 %.

Thrust Areas

  • Live Donor Liver Transplant
  • Liver Transplant in Children ( youngest child operated 5 months )
  • Hepato Cellular Cancer ( HCC ) : Liver Resection or Liver Transplant
  • CholangioCarcinnoma : Liver resection , often with vascular resection
  • Hydatid cyst surgery – especially Re-do surgery
  • Bile duct cancers
  • Bile duct injury / strictures
  • Choledochal Cysts
  • Chronic pancreatitis : Head coring & pancreaticojejunostomy
  • Whipple’s operation
  • Distal pancreatectomy

Organization of the Department

Lead Surgical Consultant :

  • Dr Ramdip Ray
    MBBS, MS, MRCS ( England ) , Fellowship in Liver Transplant ( Apollo , Delhi )

Director :

Prof Subash Gupta has been one of the pioneers of Liver Transplant in India and one of the pioneers of Live Donor Liver Transplant in the world. He has performed more than 1300 Liver Transplants so far and more than 300 in 2013. DrRamdip Ray has been his close surgical associate for over four years now. He has a total transplant experience of more than 800 liver transplants. Dr Ray has been instrumental in setting up the Liver Transplant program at Artemis Hospital.

Intensivists :

  • Dr ReshmaBasu, Chief
  • Dr Sunjay Pathak
  • Dr JyotiGoel
  • Dr Rajeev Chaudhry
  • Dr Rati Goel

Hepatologists :

  • Dr Paramvir Singh
  • Dr Amit Basnotra

Radiologists :

  • Dr Sanjay Mehta
  • Dr Rajiv Sharma
  • Dr Syed Tauqeer
  • Dr Pankaj Saini
  • Dr Dhiraj Kumar

A recent rare case

As War Ravages Traq, Shaymaa Gets Fresh Lease of Life in Gurgaon

Irrespective of war or peace. ill health and disease continue to affect populations across the world ,posing challenges that are sometimes more intimidating than war, Even as bombings and terrorist strikes kill hundreds across Iraq, every week hundreds of patents arrive In India for high end medical care with the hope of life.

Among them was a 29year old young lady from Basra who arrived at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon with her mother.Shaymaa had a massive swelling of her entire tummy —almost double the size of a full term pregnancy! She had this growing for the past 4 years and she could barely walk around .Surgeons in Iraq had to abandon midway an operation to remove this swelling due to unmanageable bleeding.

A battery of tests on her showed she had a rare problem. Multiple huge hemangiomas (blood filled benign tumours) had replaced almost 80% of her liver They had grown beyond the liver to fill ber entire abdomen tummy) which was now bulging hugely on all sides like one massive balloon Liver failure had set In, and her blood clottIng abillty was at the lowest possible. The Prothrombin Time (a test to measure the blood clotting abillty)which Is usually around 10 seconds had Increased beyond measurable limits to >100 seconds!

Prof. Subash Gupta, Director of the Liver Transplant program at Artemis Hospital has a total transplant experience of over 1500 liver transplants, be says that a case like Shaymaa’s was rarer than one in a billion! Dr Gupta decided that a liver transplant was the only hope of life for Shaymaa— even though the surgery would be extremely risky. Fortunately, Shaymaa’s sister Hala had a matching blood group and a healthy liver. Hala Flew in from Iraq and donated one half of her liver to Shaymaa.
In 2 parallel operations a total of 7 surgeons, 6 anaerthesists and 6 nurses operated for 9 hours on Halaa and for 18 hours on Shaymaa While Hala had an uneventful surgery, Shaymaa was quite turbuient! Previous surgery had not only caused everything to be ‘stuck’ to the hemangiomas liver, but had also damaged the main artery to the liver. Senior Liver Transplant surgeons at Artemis, Dr Ramdip Ray & Dr Neveen Goyal feel that this was one of the most difficult operations they had ever done. At one time they felt thta shaymaa would not survive the operation. With massive bleeding and blood pressure changes the anaestnesists led by Dr Rajesh Mishra had a tough time keeping her stable for 18 hours.

However, Shaymaa pulled through the difficult surger .

The largest hemangioma itself contained about 15 litres of blood — and there were hundreds of smaller hemangiomas. The total weight of the liver with the hemangiomas was about 26 kilos, nearly half of her body weight! She also had technical difficulty arising from damage to an artery from previous surgery— an artificial pipe had to be placed to join her artery to that of the new liver! Dr Reshma Basu, Chief Intensivist says that the first night after the surgery was quite critical — but she improved soon and was taken off the ventilator the next day. days later one of her lungs got completely blocked with fall in oxygen levels. An emergency bronchoscopy got her back on track soon!
Many doctors and employees at Me hospital as well as other patients are amazed at her changed appearance. She willbe going back to the war zone in Iraq, but she has already won her own battle here in Gurgaon!