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Bravo Group has its main office in the United Kingdom and local companies united under the Bravo Group in Estonia, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Dubai, India, USA and Sweden. Over the years Bravo Pharma has been manufacturing pharmaceutical products and actively involved in their distribution and sales in India, Central Asia & Eastern European countries.

Year by year our activities have extended to different areas of healthcare. At present Bravo companies cover the whole value chain in healthcare, including applied research and product development, diagnostic services, treatment, global healthcare, production and sales.

Bravo Pharma has its own diagnostic laboratories and medical centres, pharmaceutical factories, pharmacies, mobile laboratories and telemedicine centres. Our applied research and product development projects are carried out in collaboration with universities, research centres and innovative SME-s. The network of leading hospitals worldwide is at the service of our patients.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve human health and quality of life by providing innovative diagnostics, e-health solutions, personalized treatment, high quality affordable pharmaceuticals and new generation health products.
Bravo Pharma uses most modern and innovative technologies in drug development, targeted therapy and non-invasive diagnostics. Our production sites are set up according to European standards and follow all the norms and regulations in regard of drug safety, quality control and drug identification. We support human health and well-being by developing and producing health products including vitamins, probiotics, herbal products and Ayurvedic formulas. In addition to the existing modern diagnostic laboratories our project portfolio includes new solutions for self-testing enabling people to monitor their health condition in the privacy of their homes. Our genetic test development involves tests for detecting hereditary diseases and genetic risks and tests for selecting appropriate diet and lifestyle.


Mr. Rakesh Pandey

CMD, Founder, Member of the Board

Mr. Rakesh Pandey is a global entrepreneur whose experiences from different countries and business sectors date back to year 2003. Since 2010 he has been focusing on healthcare expanding its boundaries both geographically as well as content-wise. He has an unique capacity to detect the best qualities in each of his target countries and join them together for global success.
Mr. Rakesh Pandey has been involved in several World Bank projects and has consulted national governments for setting up new systems in diagnostics, healthcare and e-health.
He is supporting education in life sciences via scholarships, support to curricula development and training facilities.
He is a dedicated mentor to start-ups and innovative SMEs, contributing with his global network, personal experiences and orientation to success. Mr. Rakesh Pandey is devoting a significant proportion of his time and resources to charity with emphasis on health, education and environmental issues.

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