Bravo Pharma is dedicated to provide accessible healthcare by shifting geographical boundaries.

Our telemedicine centers are equipped with the latest technology allowing to deliver the best possible healthcare at the remotest parts of the world. This solution allows patients to consult any specialist at Bravo Pharma through a tablet, laptop or a smart phone and to avail medical opinion from the experts from leading hospitals without having to leave the comfort of their home.

It is also used to save lives in critical care and emergency situations. Telemedicine can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated communities and remote regions and is currently being applied in virtually all medical domains. Patients who live in such areas can be seen by a doctor or specialist, who can provide an accurate and complete examination.

In addition Bravo Pharma has Mobile Laboratories for medical and testing services that makes healthcare reachable to everyone. Mobile laboratories travel to clients house providing services to patients with limited mobility, including the elderly, wheelchair confined, disabled or other individuals who may have limited transportation options. Simpler tests and procedures are carried out on on-site and if clients needs any further evaluation then samples are sent to reference lab.